Mobile Optimization

Why Mobile Optimized is the Way Forward

How many times are you sat in your partner’s car, sick to death of reading the same registration plate over and over as the car in front is driving 25mph in a 40 zone? This happens to me all of the time, so my natural instinct is to go on my phone. I start to flick through Facebook and notice businesses that are selling items, instantly something catches my eye. But as a website designer I don’t trust buying from a Facebook Page, I like to view their website and see the product in more detail.

So this can either go one way or the other;

The first way: I click on their website and it loads efficiently, a beautiful clean design that is optimized for mobile phones, this means that I can navigate around easily and also see everything that I need to without any trouble. I find the product I was interested in, read the details of the products and hit purchase. A very simple process for me to pay pops up and again another satisfied customer for this particular business.

The second way: I click on the website and it takes forever to load, and just so you know my internet connection is absolutely fine. Once the website has finally loaded I have to zoom in and out of the website in order for me to read the information written on the site. I then have to scroll through pages upon pages to find the product that I was interested in. I find the product and wait again for the information to load. Once I have finished reading about the product I hit the purchase button and on no, it asks me to send an email to the company with the information about the product I would like to buy. So it looks like this business will not be receiving my money.

So why is mobile optimized web the way forward? More and more people are using devices such as handsets and tablets for their web browsing than those that are still surfing the internet through a laptop or PC. Like my example above, the easier it is for a person to purchase the product the more products you will sell. People are now being put off by the amount of work they have to do in order to receive something.

Ask yourself this question, who would you trust with you money? A professional easy to navigate around and clean website that have clearer product photography or a simple website that makes you do more work before you receive your product?


It pays more to spend more.


It doesn’t just have to be an online store that needs a mobile optimized site, how many customers are trying to see your website on their phones. Try it for yourself and see how it looks, then try ours...




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